My Perry of 2 Years Ago Was WhooOooo!!

The high property prices in Bath brought me to Keynsham. I moved from north London. My wife and I were looking for some where to buy while we were renting in Bath. I discovered Keynsham while driving around with my then 18 month-old. I was house husbanding! I had done a loop round Upton Cheyney and was driving around getting her off to sleep after toddler group.

We were looking at towns around Bath. I didn’t want to move to Bristol because the schools were so crap then! I think we would have liked to live there on many levels though. Keynsham is just five minutes to the deep countryside. It’s close to Bristol of course and we have friends and family there. Keynsham still has the feel of a community. It’s a great location without being stuck in the middle of city. It’s safe for the kids, or it feels like it anyway!

I’m decorating at the moment. I am always doing something as my home is a 10 year project. It used to be a BnB, and we are turning it back into a family home. We have done the hall, and the children’s rooms, and done a lot of work in the garden.

We grow produce, such as pears and apples. There’s a big veg patch, and soft fruit. I’m the labourer rather than the gardener you could say. I facilitate my wife’s gardening! I like growing things you can make stuff from. Jam, chutney. Booze, wine, cider perry. My perry of 2 years ago was whoooOOoooo!! It was lovely; about 15% I reckon!! I’ll make some later this year, as it was particularly good.

I am involved in the cricket club. Less so now perhaps. I managed my son’s age group for the last couple of years. You go up the age groups with them. So I managed the under 11’s, then the under 13’s A & B, then there’s the under 15’s. I spend a lot of time facilitating all three children’s clubs. They do lots, from ballet and Keynsham Youth Theatre, which is called Phoenix, to football, cricket, and rugby.

I work in Bristol for a music rehearsal studio company. It’s aimed at up-and-coming musicians and offers them affordable rehearsal space. As a start-up it has been very successful. It’s nationwide now, and in the US, and Germany. We are heading out to Barcelona and Amsterdam next as well as west-coast America.

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