This is a beautiful and supportive community.

I have two children. Sam is in year 5 in Chandag, and John is in year 9 at Wellsway. My wife used to work there. I am a single dad. Jen passed one and a half years ago. At school, at the Infants, the children were beautiful. They closed school for half a day so everyone could attend the funeral. This is a beautiful and supportive community.

I teach at Broadlands. Some children are too ill to come to school, so I teach at the RUH and Broadlands School. There is a unit there. I teach at homes too. There are lots of reasons, therapeutic, medical, why a child might not be able to go to school. They might have a condition such as chronic fatigue, or leukaemia.

I am also a town councillor. I’m with the Labour Party. I like the town council very much as it is very representative of the community. I like supporting my ward here in Keynsham, so . I am a Labour councillor on the Keynsham Town Council, and I stood for BANES council. I was explaining to Sam about civic duty the other day.

I am the secretary for the NEU too. It is an amalgamation of two teaching unions. I would like to help out with Keynsham FM radio station. We have a license. We need people to contribute. I’m thinking of doing some classical literature, perhaps with children's reactions to it. That might be fun.

There are lots of wonderful things happening. We are lucky to live where we have Keynsham Music Festival. It is one of the last free festivals. I am a trustee director of the festival . As trustees, we are responsible for the financial side of things, and I also shake a bucket at the gate. We are independent, and we follow charity rules. Last year I organised a choir with Rich Jackson which sang “Bridge Across the Flood,” in the park. There was a tightrope walker. He walked over the height of where the flood had been. Did you see it? It was amazing.

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