I've travelled to fifty countries

It’s my own company, so I don't do early mornings. No one is booking holidays at 8.30 am really. Usually I do 10 until…whenever. You can’t tell, especially at the moment, when people are going to book online. Clients book after they have been to work. They book at weekends and evenings. Clients like that I can go to their houses, well, before they did!

I used to work for Flight Centre. I started working on my own three and a half years ago. I mainly do corporate work now. I work for a few A-listers who come back and book through me. No, I can’t tell you who they are. One regular won Wimbledon and is looking at an eighteen stop trip for the ATB tour. One of my other big clients is the most famous British naturalist.

The Mrs is also an independent. I give her my leisure stuff. When you get a quote for leisure bookings, you might not see the booking for one, two or many weeks or months. Of course, we get commission. We work in the same ways as any internet company. We have the personal touch, and offer advice and a personal service.

I’ve lived here for the last 20 years. I moved to Bristol city centre, but then of course travel for work; Dubai, New York, New Zealand. I’ve travelled to fifty countries. Keynsham house prices compare so well to Bristol city centre prices; a three or four bed house with garden...No commuting.

When you work from home it is nice to get out and have some interaction with people. If I go to the Lock Keeper or the Brass Mill, people come up to me and, well, I don't really advertise, so I get most of my business face to face.

I come from St Ives in Cornwall. Mum and dad always had pubs and hotels. I was born in pub. I came here as there was no work in Cornwall. It’s the third poorest region, but also the third most expensive for property. There is no industry there at all. It’s stunning. Maybe I will move back one day.

I’m not on Twitter. I am on Insta, but I never get any business through Insta. I get lots from LinkedIn and Facebook though, especially LinkedIn. I’ve had 5000 views on a few posts. I’m not on it much though. Most of my business is from referrals. I could do more business If I wanted to, but I am OK.

I had six new quotes today and 3 or 4 bookings. That is almost back to normal. It’s not consistent though. I am only seeing that for 3 or 4 days per week. I have furloughed myself. It is coming back though. There are now 80 countries that we can fly to.

I’m passionate about what I do.


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