I have spearheaded a campaign, which started just before Christmas.

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I’m born and bred Bristolian. I was born in Keynsham Hospital. The vicar took my mum to hospital, and my dad cycled my nan over, down past Queen Charlton on the back of a tandem. My childhood was full of playing in the allotment, and running up Dundry Hill.

I’ve lived all over Bristol. I went to college in Dartington but returned to Bristol in my 20s. Ed my husband and I lived in The Dings, right in centre of Bristol, then when I was pregnant with Jemima, my oldest, wewere looking for somewhere a bit further out. This house came on market, and we went to view. While viewing I realised that I had been inside it before, that I had played in it as a child and even had a sleepover. That was a strong family connection. Now I live a mile away from my family home where mum and dad still live. My daughters now to go the same school I went to. I cycle the girls to school in a big Danish cargo bike. So me and family have a connection to bikes.

Last year I had my top 5 strengths done in a strength finder test. From the 90 available traits, mine were communication, activist, strategy, positivity and WOO, which is winning over others. I have spearheaded a campaign, which started just before Christmas. It emerged after we came across the South Bristol ring road proposals. I was shocked. It cuts right through the greenbelt and would go right near the girls’ school. So now? Bigtime campaigning! We formed a Facebook group to help support people and spread the word about where it is and what impact it will have on the local community. In two months, the group has gained 2,500 members. We have begun a poster campaign, and have made professional quality films outlining details of the route. The mayor visited. We are making a difference.

I’m a broadcaster by trade. I always loved performing as a child…loved acting. I did a degree in theatre, then went into TV production before moving into radio. I thrive behind the mic. I am a voice over artist. I work in a studio from home. I’ve done lots of national campaigns, radio campaigns and TV adverts. I used to do the Breakfast Show on Radio Bristol, but I stopped when I had the girls.

Through having children, I started Freelance Mum. I realised when I was in that position that there was nothing out there for those juggling having a family and running their own businesses, so I started Freelance Mum, which is child friendly networking. It’s brilliantly bonkers! We meet twice a month in Bristol. It was because of that, that last year, I was nominated as one of the top 100 influential women in Bristol and won the freelance ambassador of the year award.



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