It has to be cold for the flowers.

I don’t live here. I live 20 minutes away. I work in Keynsham, well, not full time but pretty much every day. It’s close to full time. Angela and Ivy built his place up from nothing. It’s their business. They should be talking to you really. They're amazing. They do so much for the community too. It’s such a beautiful place to work. I did an art course and then was working in Stroud as a florist when I got this job.

I finish at 5.30 tonight, then will be heading home to my boyfriend to help him restore an old wood burner. We got it from my aunt in Malvern. We used an angle-grinder to get all the rust off it, fitted new firebricks, a new trim. We live in an old barn so we need to get it done quickly as there is no heating. It’s cold here too, at work. It has to be cold for the flowers.

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