No, my life hasn’t changed very much in the last month really.

We moved here from Peterborough because we really liked the place. We initially thought Bristol. My work has an office there, my partner’s too, so it seemed an obvious choice. We spent a few days looking around. The idea of Keynsham kind of materialised. My work also has an office in Bath, so we thought that living in Keynsham would give us opportunities in and access to both Bath and Bristol.

We stumbled into the Memorial Park on a sunny day. There were loads of families, and it seemed like a family-oriented place. It just had a really really nice feel to the place.

Since being here we have made lovely friends and neighbours. In twelve years of being in Peterborough, never once did it feel like home…not even close. I had no bond to the place. We haven’t been here that long yet, but it has grown to feel like home.

No, my life hasn’t changed very much in the last month really. It is pretty similar to before the lockdown. I have two young children, which accounts for a lot of my energy and time, so I didn’t really have a social life even before lockdown! Just kidding, but my social life has definitely shifted. We do a weekly quiz with the other people in our road. We didn’t do that before, so we’ve ended up connecting with some people more regularly than before lockdown. Before parenthood, I used to play games online with friends fairly frequently, but then for most of us this ended up getting knocked on the head by more complicated lives and growing commitments. This has started back up a bit again since being in lockdown, which has been really nice. When lockdown started, we joked that this is what we had been preparing for (although there was definitely an element of truth in there)!

I already worked remotely from the rest of my team, and at home one or two days a week, so the shift to working at home full time didn’t feel like much of a change. It’s been great having the boys around a lot more, with them not having school and childminders. My other half, who has been furloughed, has had all the additional hard work looking after them four days a week, so might not 100% agree with that!

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