I’m so pleased that it is almost finished. It has been a real labour of love.

Max, my 14-month-old, was 4 days old when we poured the concrete for the studio floor. It has been built as our family has grown. All through my pregnancy we had to endure the hardship of the ground works. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. SO much earth came out of our back garden. It took over our lives. Sticky clay mud took over our lives. I couldn’t believe it; it seemed as if the mud were as high as the house! This last bit, the building bit has been the easy bit really, at least compared to the ground works.

Paul, my husband had the initial idea to do it. Although it has been hard, I think he has enjoyed the contrast from his job. He has been the driving force behind it. I was, and still am, hiring halls to teach yoga and Pilates around Keynsham and beyond. It was my husband who kept saying we should build a studio in the garden. He’s been amazing. I love this wood cladding. It’s been all about juggling the building works, my business and my family. I was pregnant with Max when the groundwork was being done. I couldn’t go into the garden with my daughter as I was pregnant. It was so slippery you see. Now look at it! It is an oasis. We had to terrace the whole garden to accommodate it. It was a slope before.

My plans for it? A regular monthly Satsang meditation group, a group for teachers to do a kind of exchange, and a deep rest class. The main thing is that I can now produce online videos and webinars. I have a space for it. I am planning on meeting up with my meditation group online in the mornings. The studio will be an undisturbed space. It will be nice for the family to have a separate space too. Really nice.

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