Although I am exhausted, it seems a good way to push on with 2019!

I live with my wife and our 1 year old in Keynsham. If you are a customer you have probably come across my daughter, as she spends time in the shop with me.

The business has been trading for over 3 years now with the original idea and name being G&D free, which had the intention of being a 'free from' food shop. My wife has food intolerances and sensitivities, which is where the idea came from. It was a good entry into the High Street, however times and requirements change, and the supermarkets soon cottoned on to this area. We have recently re-branded and developed into a more general health food shop.

I have brought on board a new director Helen, who has lots of experience in retail. I’m ambitious, but don’t have her experience. This has enabled us to kick on and really expand the range, and our expertise. We now focus much more on organic produce, including locally grown seasonal veg, and the increasingly popular vegan diet. I eat a plant-based diet now.

We fit in as many locally-produced products as possible. We are keen on supporting the High Street and the local economy, and we accept the Bristol Pound, which is a great initiative to keep money spent in the local economy.

Our most recent development was moving premises to a better location and a larger shop. It was great to do this for the start of 2019. Although I am exhausted, it seems a good way to push on with 2019!

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