My business is about communication through content writing and imagery

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I came to Bristol 18 years ago to do a fine art degree at Bower Ashton. Afterwards I didn’t want to move home, because I wanted to stay and be in Bristol. As an artist, of course I was poor, so poor. I applied for so many badly paid jobs. I was often among the last two or three on the final shortlist, then kept coming up against the same old thing; that I didn’t have enough relevant experience for the role.

So, I started to waitress because the money was better than temping. Through waitressing, and working in hospitality, I started organising events for people. I did corporate bookings, and weddings; lots of weddings. I worked at Goldbrick House on Park Street. It was a party house in many ways. There were a lot of rooms to be let for functions and all types of events. So quite far removed from fine art.

It’s all about meeting people really. Meeting great people, making connections, opportunities... Working in events is like that. You meet people who are interested in what you do and want to be part of what you are doing. It was a busy 8 years working at Goldbrick House. I was doing 50- or 60-hour weeks. I was organising weddings, running around. It was a lot of pressure but fun. I met amazing chefs and staff. I know so many people in Bristol now. I think I recognise people and think “I know you, but where from!?” I met someone last week and thought that I knew them, then she said that I had organised their wedding. I did 40 couples in one year once!

Bristol is so big but so small. It is like 6 degrees of separation, right? You know people. When I had my second child Heidi, Goldbrick closed. You have a different perspective when you have children. You want to be more available for them. Findlay was just about to start school, and I wanted to be there for pickups and things. He found Reception tough. He was born at the end of August, so was one of the youngest. He was a screamer. I’m pleased I made decision to begin my business and work as a freelancer. I’m so glad. My priorities have shifted. Part of what I loved doing at Goldbrick House was the social media element. I did food photography for new menus and such. I really enjoyed the element of creativity and using those fine art skills. My business is about communication through content writing and imagery.

So when I started up, I contacted businesses affiliated with Goldbrick House, telling them that I can take your food shots and write your social media content and build you a following of people who appreciate your values etc. One thing has led to another and it’s going really well. This year, I want to do more workshops and help people who are a bit bamboozled by the social media journey and get them started on where to go. Heidi is nearly 3, so I am looking to grow the business further as I get more time when she starts school. It’s quite organic in a way.

Bristol, Bath, England.  +44 7825 912 368