I have been working in education for years, but I have taken a year out.

I’m originally from Keynsham. My family are. They owned a business here and I’ve lived here for most of my life, although I have lived in a few other places. My dad’s early work gave me links to a village, well, it has become a town now, in Argentina. My family lived there for a few years when I was young. Like Keynsham, it grew up around a factory. There are a lot of parallels between the two places. It was the factory workers who lived there and formed a community, like our chocolate factory. I'm interested in their post-industrial transition. They did it through tourism. I am going out there to visit early next year. Through Facebook, I have made many connections to the community there already. I can't wait!

I have been working in education for years, but I have taken a year out. I’m planning to do a Master’s in Bath. I’m passionate about neurodiversity, and I think there is a lot more understanding about it these days. Autism and dyslexia are two areas of specific interest to me that I am looking forward to learning more about this year. A year of studying. I'm just at the start.

I used to be a teacher and teaching assistant at St Keyna. I love being a TA. I also love working with little ones. Babies, well not tiny babies, over 6 months and upwards. I am so excited about doing this course at Bath Spa. I am looking forward to getting back to learning. I said I would never study again, but of course here I am.

Bristol, Bath, England.  +44 7825 912 368