Humans of Keynsham: The Lockdown Return

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m going to break with tradition and feature myself to restart this project. Hello out there! Or should that be in there I guess? Hello Humans of Keynsham. So much has changed since I started this project. Both changed for me, and now changed for us all. When I began meeting and documenting you, the people who make this town what it is, I was a stay at home mum of a pre-schooler, setting up a new business as a photographer. Last year, when I became a single parent, a lot of things changed for me. As sole breadwinner, I needed to up my financial game significantly! This included working so many different jobs and side jobs to try to keep my lovely home in this lovely town and make it all work financially. I even trained as a drone pilot, but that never really took off. Yes really.

Humans of Keynsham was a non-commercial project which rather fell by the wayside as I needed to focus on money. I had always intended to do one feature a week, and for it to be ongoing. I had even got halfway through a couple of features (sorry guys!), but working as an EFL homestay host, occasional AirBnB host, Relax Kids coach, photographer, and then full time primary school teacher, as well as being a lone parent left my schedule pretty rammed, and HOK has been shall we say resting!

It’s clearly not just me personally who things have changed for recently. The pandemic and lockdown have brought changes at every level from international politics and manufacture to our ability to go out, work, be educated and even our personal hygiene. My hands have never been so clean. Life has radically changed for all of us in the short term, and for many there will be long-term changes and consequences. I can’t think of a better time to resurrect Humans of Keynsham and help us to connect with our community. I hope that this project will give us all the opportunity to meet or remember a friendly face, and to learn something more about the wonderful humans who surround us.

If you would like to feature, or have a suggestion of someone who should or might like to feature, please let me know in a PM or by commenting below. Unlike in previous times, when chats could be in Keynsham’s finest coffee shops, they can now be done over the phone. The photo can be done at a safe distance for all. I could drive to you, or if my house is near your daily walk, you could come to me. I am shielding my child, and am taking absolutely no risks, so please be assured that a safe distance will be observed.

It's good to be back Keynsham. Watch this space.

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