Music is important in our house.

I was born in London within the sound of Bow bells like my mum. I’m a cockney. My family moved to Essex, where I lived until my mid-20s. I moved here when I met Nick. I’ve been here over half my life. Nick, my husband, is a Bath boy. We moved here the early 90s. We wanted to be somewhere where kids could go out and play. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I adore Keynsham. It has everything I want. It is absolutely perfect. Keynsham has been a perfect place to bring up our kids.

Our youngest is at Nottingham, which is incidentally where Nick and I met. He is doing his 2nd year of photography. My oldest lives in Keynsham. He has a cat. He loves Keynsham too. His American girlfriend is coming over to do a masters’ in maths and education in Bristol for a year.

We both ride motorbikes locally. It is easy to get into Bath and Bristol too. I often catch the train. It is so much easier. It takes 6 or 7 minutes. It’s great! Why would you not? We sail. It’s Nicks obsession and my love. We have a 32ft boat which we sail out of Norfolk. I have a Cockapoo called Morse. He comes everywhere with us. When clients come to the house he thinks they are only coming to see him. Everyone loves him. Several people have bought cockapoos with clotted cream colour which look like him. He comes sailing with us. He was recruited as the right weight to sail.

My parents both live in Keynsham. They moved here when I was pregnant with my first so that they could look after the kids. They looked after the kids when we went back to work. They are very active. They volunteer on the Avon Valley Railway. They still live here. I’m so privileged that my parents moved here to look after my kids. We could never have started our own business without them. It will be twenty-one years in October. They made that possible.

Music is important in our house. I sing in Choir Jam. Nick plays guitar in a rock covers band. Our children have been brought up with music all around them. When we met, we had very different music tastes. We had four albums in common. Nick was into heavy rock. He listens to my stuff and I listen to a lot more heavy rock. We like Rambling Man Festival. It has got it all. I’m Finance Director of Keynsham Music Festival. It’s in its 23rd year this year. I have been involved for the last 3. It’s one of the top 3 free festivals in the UK for some years now. I love being involved in it.

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