On a sunny day like today, I might walk up to Kelston Round Hill.

I moved to Keynsham with my husband and our four children from London when the youngest was 18 months and the oldest was 7 years old. I wasn’t very pleased to leave the South-East, but it has been the best thing for my family. I can’t think of a better place to live. We have been here for well over 20 years now.

My passion is my family. I have four children, who are adults now. They all moved away, some of them lived abroad, and now they are all older they have come back. I took the youngest two to St John’s toddler group when we moved here, and now I take my grandchildren to the same toddler group. I cared for my father, and now I care for his best friend who moved here to live closer to our family. I call him uncle as he is like family. He has spent a lot of time in Japan, and his tales inspired me to go there a few years ago. It’s an amazing culture.

I’ve travelled a lot. I studied Italian, French and Linguistics at university, which sent me abroad to study and later work. I taught Italian and French, and worked in Backwell and at Wellsway among others. I’ve traveled in the US a lot too. When I went to Mongomery, I visited the parsonage and saw the kitchen table where Dr Martin Luther King wrote his famous speech. It was a significant moment for me. The lady who showed us around, Dr Cherry, had been a young black girl at the time of Dr King’s speech and work, and had since studied and got her PhD Doctorate. Her story and that place were incredibly moving.

I love singing: Jazz, mainly, and am influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, but don’t really sound like her. As they say you have to find your own style and sing your own way, so I sound like me. I do gigs, and I have recorded a few tracks in the studio. I have also sung for charity at the Mencap event in Saltford. It was a wonderful experience. I regularly sing with the Choir Jam here in Keynsham.

On a sunny day like today, I might walk up to Kelston Round Hill. I would like my ashes scattered there. Sometimes I walk all the way into Bath, which is 9 miles. On one occasion, I was with a friend who was training as she was walking a marathon. We walked up Kelston Round Hill then over the top and into Bath that way, and then all the way back along the river. It was 19 miles.

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