It has really taken off

I’m on a zero hours contract for a school kitchen in Lansdown, but now I am full-time mobile hairdressing. It has really taken off. I have so many clients based in Keynsham. It’s so nice to be in one place. I cluster book. So I might do a Thursday in Hartcliffe, and a Friday in Stockwood. It’s working really well at the moment. It's nerve wracking because it is only you. When you work for someone you have a safety net. It’s nerve wracking to be honest, but I am really enjoying it and most importantly getting lots of positive feedback.

I did quite a bit of research before paying out any money on business marketing. I started building a page on Facebook. I am on social media. Lots of business seem to get growth from social media, so I concentrated on that aspect of things. I started the business in October. I didn’t get business cards until the start of last month. There’s a notice board in Grounded, one in Oxfam, Bonzo, so I am starting to put them up. People are starting to ask for a card when I am out and about although I mainly promote my business on Facebook. I advertise on different pages, on community pages in different areas. A lot of my marketing is done the old-fashioned way though: word of mouth. I cut the hair of one lady, then she recommended me to her children, then next it was her mum, then her dad and her husband. So that’s mum dad, twins and her mum and dad. Six people in one family!

In a way my clients are my walking adverts. When clients are happy with their hair, people comment and mention it and then I get the recommendations. Someone said to me the other day that they had taken a photo of the back of my work hoodie in Tesco. It has my phone number and branding etc printed on the back it so they took a photo to get my number.

I’ve never lived in a community quite like Keynsham. Everyone seems to want to support each other. It’s really friendly. My husband was born and raised here. We moved here about three years ago. I love being here. It feels like home. It takes like two hours to buy a loaf of bread a pint of milk as you know so many people on the high street. There is a village mentality. I love it.

I work days and evenings. Weekends are taken up by brides. There are prom trials at the moment too. It has become a bigger deal for them to have a prom at eleven and at sixteen. It's becoming big business. Prom season is upon us! Between prom season and wedding season it is mental as a hairdresser. There is a constant cycle: weddings, proms, then Christmas. It is a full-time job. If I have a night off in the week, then I work on Saturday or Sunday. I can work my hours around my family, around school drop off and pick up. I like that I am not running out of the door to drop them off at the nanny. I’m really pleased with how it is all going. It has taken me until I was 35 to do it though!

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