We get all sorts in here; reps, trades, bikers, and of course the regulars

I live on my farm not too far from here. It’s 4.5 acres. It was so cheap to buy back then, only £1600. It needed a lot of work of course. and I had to rebuild it all. My first house only cost £700. I moved a few times, then stayed at the farm.

I used to be a chicken farmer. I was driving around selling my eggs all over the place from Newport to Devizes. I was riding all the time. You know, living the high life! I was doing well.

It was that Edwina Currie who ended it for us chicken farmers really, with the Salmonella thing. People just stopped eating eggs. I had to close the farm. I knew the lady who ran this place, because I used to deliver her eggs. She was selling, so I bought it. That was 40 years ago and I've been here ever since. This is the oldest café in Keynsham. It's 70 years old. It was the only one. There are so many now they fall over themselves!

I used to start here in the café at 6.30, but times change. I open at about seven now. People start work at 8 or so, so that is fine. When the clocks go back there are people about bit earlier in the mornings at the weekends. They go to car boot sales and things like that.

I usually stay here for a few hours then go home and have a ride. There is a lady who comes in to work usually, but she is looking after her dad. He’s really not well, so she won’t be in all this week, so it’s just me.

I ride every day. It’s important to stay fit, and I’ve always ridden and had horses. This whole area is perfect for riding. There are so many beautiful places. I go to the gym, and my wife and I used to go to aerobics. We went every week for years, but have stopped that now.

We get all sorts in here; reps, trades, bikers, and of course the regulars. You know what they are going to have before they say because they have the same thing every time. We are busiest at weekends. We get a lot of bikers here. Yesterday we had 25 of them in the morning, so it was packed. I’m on my feet all day then. It’s pretty different from Mondays, as Mondays are probably the quietest like today.

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