We are a team of bespoke carpenters at heart

Arborhouse has been here for just over a year. We moved from St Werberghs in Bristol. We needed more space and found this place because Theo, my business partner lives in Keynsham on a boat. Our workshop is in an old Quaker soap factory. I'm a Quaker too so it's funny to be working in an old Quaker soap factory.

My partner and I have just had a baby, who is twelve weeks old. She is a freelance poet and performer. The flexibility of this work allows me to support her to continue working in her job. She worked last night, and I looked after the baby.

We do a balance of different types of carpentry here, which keeps things fresh. We are a team of bespoke carpenters at heart, who also have steady commercial work, which keeps the bills being paid regularly. We have done a lot of bespoke boat fit-outs, which was part of the decision to come here to Keynsham. Now we can work on boats while they are in the water. As you can see we also work on wheeled vehicles. We also work with camper van owners who want bespoke woodwork.

People idealise carpentry. We get a lot of people contacting us, every week, asking to come and do some work. They are looking into getting into woodwork as a career and want experience. I used to work in an office, but I wasn’t happy. My passions are community and creativity. I think you need to find that balance between money and creativity and community to find fulfillment. Too many people don’t have it. You need all of them in differing amounts at different times. I am so happy here in this place. I get into a state of flow when I work.

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