"Yes, it’s a big lie, the biggest lie, but it’s a good lie."

I met my wife through a transformers fan club. I saw her name and comments in the club guest book and knew I had a friend on my wavelength. We have been married 16 years now, and have 2 children.

I moved to Keynsham when my parents moved. It was time to make a decision about where I wanted to be.

For the first two years in Keynsham, I lived in rented rooms, with friends, and in a caravan at one point. They we had what I called ‘our Christmas miracle’. My wife’s family sold a property in London which was a few doors up from Red Ken Livingstone in Clapham Common back when he was still mayor. One property up there buys two or three down here, and so they bought us a house, which we then rented off them. We moved in a few days before Christmas.

I’m Santa at Avon Valley, and other places. It’s hot in that suit. You have to sit still for a long time. Sometimes the children ask for things which you can’t give them. You hear sad stories of lost parents, and you have to keep going. I’ve had a lot of requests for unicorns, you know real unicorns, as well as dogs and cats. You have a responsibility as Santa to get it right and say the right thing. Yes, it’s a big lie, the biggest lie, but it’s a good lie. I think it is all about being a big kid, which I am. I’ve got my Turtles t-shirt and my candy cane sweat band. It’s about playing pretend and being that character.

I try not to stand up when I’m being Santa. Some children get scared of course. I have a certain physical presence I know. I used to be a pro wrestler. It’s similar in some ways believe it or not. I stopped as being thrown about was too hard on me. I got injured. I prefer being Santa.

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